Coachability: a golden skill for your success and the success of your hiring

Great recruiters are strong at identifying the “coachability” aspect of candidates. This is a key point for the success in interviews, the definition of quality of hire, a good performance evaluation, and so on.

But what exactly is coachability? how does one get good at it? how to identify it in an interview?

My definition is quite simple: it’s the skill we use while we’re under training or any situation that we could take some lesson of. If we’re coachable we’ll adapt part of our behavior almost instantly after feedback

Being good at this means you generally have…

1) Genuine curiosity about how your own growth facing challenges

2) Fast response to the changes in the environment around you

3) A meaningful question during an explanation

4) A habit of analyzing in detail great peoples behavior

5) Consideration of the broader landscape of a situation you’re in

To identify coachable candidates take a look at…

1) How their questions pop up whereas your explanations go on

2) How they change their answer after you give them new contexts

3) How many points of view they can take out of the same situation

The very best coachable people I know are insatiable about understanding why things work. They love to discuss their last changes in their routine due to a new habit they learned. But not just those they learned with, they also consider the broader landscape in order to understand why a change might work for others and not for them.

To improve your coachability, the most important qualities are adaptability and curiosity. So, keep track:

1) Observe why you or the people you know respond the way you do.

2) Place yourself in different positions facing daily situations.

3) Read books about self-developing and test the author’s tips in your routine.

Furthermore, the pandemic caused by COVID-19 has taught us that adaptability sometimes is the only way we have to face new challenges. For us to grow even in unfertile environments like this one, we need to understand our steps as we take them. So, it’s not wrong to say that coachability is not only one of the most important skills we’re using to fight the pandemic but also one of the best learnings we’re taking from it.

Lastly, if I can’t take the risk to say that coachability will be one of the 2021/22 most wanted skills, at least I could say that nowadays coachability is already a golden skill for your success and the success of your hiring.

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